Shotgun "Moray"

Shotgun "Moray"

Shotgun "Moray" – download Unreal Engine asset

Shotgun with different skins, attachments and fully operable parts, such as trigger, handguard and ejection port. This asset includes three color schemes: Black, Copper/Black and Apocalypse (for survival games).
Technical Details


Three color schemes: Black, Copper/Black and Apocalypse (for survival games)
Detachable barrel cover, belt holder, collimator, railing, extra ammo holder and etc.
Trigger, handguard and ejection port are rigged and animated


1024x1024 (small parts)
4096x4096 (guns, attachments)

Vertex Count: SK_Shotgun (7 600), SM_Barrel_Cover (5 500), SM_Belt_Holder (700), SM_Buttstock (2 500), SM_Collimator ( 3 500), SM_Collimator_Railing (6 600), SM_Extra_Ammo_Holder (1 000), SM_Grip_Bandage (1 400), SM_Handguard_Type_1 (800), SM_Handguard_Type_2 (1 600), SM_Railing (3 000), SM_Cartridge (200)

Blueprints: Yes

Number of Meshes: 1 skeletal mesh, 11 static meshes

Number of Animations: 5 (Trigger pull, Reload, Load ammo, All-in-One)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 4 materials + 7 instances

Number of Textures: 24

LODs: 0
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