USA Weapon M4A1

USA Weapon M4A1

AAA quality M4A1 with VFX, 4K textures, animations, and sounds.


M4A1 with modules - 10.3 (260mm) and 14.5 (370mm) barrels, rear sight A2 and carry handle. Ready to use in FPS projects. M4A1 can be used with any set of arms, but I included animations using the default UE4 FPS arms, rigged to the Epic Skeleton for easy compatibility.

Demonstration video.

18 character animations:

5 shoots
Reload, when clip is empty
Switch fire mode auto/single
Walk animation
Sprint animation
Idle animation
Idle animation to AIM.
Jump idle
Jump end
Blocking idle

8 weapon animations:

Switch fire mode auto/single
Reload, when clip is empty
Empty idle

19 sounds:

Close shots
Details to close shots
Switch fire mode.
Echo to close shots (small to auto fire and long to one shot)

Technical Details

Texture Sizes: 4096x4096, 2048x2048, 1024x1024, 512x512, 256x256

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes


M4A1 base - Yes, custom
M4A1 parts - No
Bullet - No
5.56x45 Shell- No
Player (Mannequin Arms) - Yes, custom
Objects on Demo level - Yes, custom

Vertex Count:

M4A1 (base)- 17376
10.3 inch barrel - 801
14.5 inch barrel - 901
Rear sight A2 - 2780
Rear sight carry handle - 3414
Clip (Stanag)- 1379
Stock - 3300
Bullet - 12
5.56x45 Shell - 303
Player (Mannequin Arms) - 11448
Objects on Demo level - from 4 to 9749

Number of Meshes:

22 for objects on Demo level
1 for player (Mannequin Arms)
8 for M4A1
1 for 5.56x45 Shell
1 for bullet

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

1 for M4A1 and barrels
1 for Clip (Stanag)
1 for Stock
1 for Rear sight A2
1 for Rear sight carry handle
4 for effects
1 for 5.56x45 Shell
1 for bullet
5 for player (Mannequin Arms)
21 for objects on Demo level

Number of Textures:

3 for M4A1 and barrels
3 for 5.56x45 Shell
3 for Clip (Stanag)
3 for Stock
3 for Rear sight A2
3 for Rear sight carry handle
4 for effects
9 for objects on Demo level
2 for player (Mannequin Arms)

Number of Audio Waves: 19

Number of Audio Cues: 2
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    1. Dude thanks for everything ... what you're doing is great and am really grateful...
      • Sarta
      • : 08:21
        • 0
      Hey thanks for all these great assets !
      If I may, can we have more animation packs please ? These are the ones I'd like to try before purchase :
      And maybe the latest versions of the mocap packs if you already have them, the first versions were crappy, I'd like to see if he has made any improvement :

      Thanks :)