Too Many Crosshairs

Too Many Crosshairs

Too Many Crosshairs – download Unreal Engine asset

1891 crosshair, scope, sight, and HUD textures at high resolution.


Mission: Create every crosshair, scope, reticle and pipper known to humankind

A total of 1891 textures
250+ in 2048 resolution - crisp even on 4k screens.

Over 350 matching crosshairs, HUD symbols, and shapes (textures/sprites)
Plus 350 more in a glowing style

Tint them any color you need

But this is just the beginning! With your help and feedback I will continue adding more shapes, symbols and crosshairs from every genre until this becomes the most complete library of crosshairs ever seen. I have plans to add:

- Aircraft HUD symbology, reticles and pipers

- Sniper Scopes

- Game and genre specific styles

Yes I do requests! Just contact me at with your cool idea and I'll update this pack.
Technical Details

Texture Resolutions: (complete list)


Number of Textures: 1891
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