SciFi Decals Pack Vol.1

SciFi Decals Pack Vol.1

SciFi Decals Pack Vol.1 – download Unreal Engine asset

450 high quality images with amazing design (original resolution 2048x2048) design to work as decals.
Technical Details


Each decal is RGB mask design to work with a custom material that allow to you customize the color of each decal.
Although the textures original are 2Kx2K, texture was downgrade inside Unreal Engine to 512x512 for optimization purpose.
Each decal has its own roughness map, that allow to you create decal with more visual details.
To work properly the decal materials use DBuffer Translucent (Color and Roughness).
Perfect to decorate any SciFi environments.
NOTE: If want to use the materials in a Mobile project, you need to change the Decal Blend Mode to Translucent of the base material (M_BaseDecal_1). However, roughness feature is lost in this mode.

Texture Resolutions:

RGB Mask Textures 2048x2048.
Roughness Textures 2048x2048

Number of Textures: 900

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC and Consoles.
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