100+ Noise Texture Pack

100+ Noise Texture Pack

A library of over 100 high resolution noise patterns to be used how you desire!

Mostly procedurally generated and delivered in lossless .PNG in fully tiling 2048x2048, this pack offers a great resource library for any Bitmap related work. Create complex natural and alien materials, post effects, VFX or use as mask for texturing your 3D asset, maybe even create Stamps for 3D sculpting! Combine textures for endless variety and always have a great starting point for any material at hand. Modify and combine for amazing effects within Unreal engine.

Great for: Stone, Concrete, Metal, Dirt & Wear, Car Paint, Camouflage, Alien skin, Bacteria, Monitor effects .. anything!
Technical Details

- 124 + 8 Tiling Mask Textures
- 2048x2048
- PNG format

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