PBR Sport Balls Pack

A high quality collection of various sport ball props ready to customize and use in your next project. The PBR Sport Balls Pack contains 24 total props with 2048x2048 high quality Physically Based maps and PBR materials. Each ball type and color scheme has its own mask map which can be used to further modify and customize the balls' appearance to your requirements (customization examples included).
Technical Details

5 types of balls with variations Basketball (7 variations) Football (7 variations) Volleyball (7 variations) Golf Ball (2 variations) Tennis Ball (1 variation) Props contain LODs. Meshes - 24 static meshes: 960 tris each - each ball has 3 LODs : 478, 236, 140 tris Materials/Maps - 24 PBR materials - Base Color, Rougness, AO, Metallic, Normal - 49 high-resolution maps, some materials share the same maps to save space, all are high resolution 2048x2048 (png format), including: Base Color, Rougness, AO, Metallic, Normal, Mask. All Roughness, AO and Metallic maps are RGB packed into a single texture (R channel: Roughness, G channel: AO, B channel: Metallic), the same applies to mask maps - Base Color pngs, Roughness/AO/Metallic pngs - RGB packed, Normal pngs, Masks pngs - RGB encoded
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