Viper Squad Vehicle pack Low-poly 3D model v4.20

Viper Squad Vehicle pack Low-poly 3D model

Vehicle model collection with 5 different car-body color variations, 4 weapons and 2 door types.

Cars are imported with animation in mind so all movable parts are separate meshes so you can combine them and make even more variations.

Cars are not rigged to standard vehicle script, but you can re-import Body and wheels to rig them. Doors can be animated to open, weapons can be rotated for shooting, wheels are separate meshes for driving. SteerWheel is also separate object so you can animate it as well. Texture size is up to 4K, there are separate materials for body, interior, suspension, tools, wheels (3 materials).

All materials have color, normal, mask (metallic in R channel, AO in blue channel, Roughnes in Alpha channel), emissive maps.

Cars are lowpoly with highest polycount of 16.000 with all weapons and tools. All meshes have 4 LOD stages applied.

Texture Sizes: 4K texture for car body, rest of textures are 2K size Collision: Yes automatic LODs: 4 lods Number of Meshes: 23 Number of Materials and Material Instances: 20 Number of Textures: 61

Asset version: 4.20
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