Military Ships Pack

Military Ships Pack

This package contains 6 military ships. Perfect for use in RTS, naval action-themed games and in cinematic scenes.


Patrol Ship(9428 Tris / 8896 Verts)

Cruiser(19650 Tris / 18345 Verts)

Submarine 01 (21346 Tris / 19169 Verts

Submarine 02 (42551 Tris / 35056 Verts) )

Boat (13260 Tris / 11119 Verts)

Transport (17744 Tris / 14359 Verts)
Technical Details

All ships have rigs, which mean that you can rotate guns, screws, fins, etc.

Physically-Based Materials

Each ship has texture variations in 1024x1024, 2048x2048, 4096x4096 resolution.

Each ship has two versions: rigged skeletal mesh and separate static meshes, so you can make custom versions of ships.

Ship blueprints

Turret blueprints

7 projectiles blueprints, including laser, different types of bullets and rockets with different targeting capabilities.

All blueprints are structured and well-commented

All ships can fire with guns and rockets

Customizable master material

Camouflage support (up to 3 masks)

Cloaking field support

Material controller blueprint to apply dynamic material effects to compozition of child blueprints, static and skeletal meshes.

2 types of camera for ships.

Camera zoom.

Health/Damage system(with environment support)

Destroyed ships blueprints

Movement component for ships is not included.

Number of Blueprints: 54

Number of Effects: 10

Number of Materials: 14

Number of Meshes: 80

Number of Textures: 92

Number of Audio tracks: 4

Number of Audio Cues: 6

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