Advanced Materials Ed. 1

Advanced Materials Ed. 1

This pack includes 11 advanced materials which are setup to allow for complete control via instancing and should cover material types for just about any asset you could dream up. The pack also includes instances for every material with preset values so you can easily dissect each material and all instance parameters are labeled for easy use and adjustment. Included in this pack is a set of texture maps for each material which are free to use and can be easily replaced with your own custom texture maps.

The pack also comes with a grid mesh and the demo map you see in the screenshots so you can jump right in and start messing with the properties. The Tessellated Water, Terrain and Cloth all utilize RGBA vertex values to control height, color and blend which can be controlled via Vertex Painting and/or texture masks. The Multi-Use Basic material can either use a diffuse texture map or colors can be controlled via an RGB color mask using 3Vectors, this can be toggled via Switches.

This pack includes the following materials:
• Multi-Use Basic (Opaque and Masked)
• Tessellated, Vertex Animated Water (Opaque and Translucent)
• Flat Water (Opaque and Translucent)
• Skin - Tessellated
• Vertex Animated Cloth
• Multi-Use Tessellated Vertex Blend
Technical Details

Designed for Desktop

• 11 Materials
• 57 Textures
• 1 Mesh
• 1 Map/Environment
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    1. Hi Nice effort to get us this assets in the unreal marketplace
      i hope you get me this one cz i search all over the internet and i can't find anything