Advanced Space Shader v4.18-4.21

Advanced Space Shader

Create beautiful procedural planets, suns and spacespheres. With over 95 parametric controls for planetoids, solar bodies and space sphere backgrounds you will never run out of variety. Tweak celestial bodies exactly to your liking and recreate everything from realistic to low poly worlds. Then hit play and watch them orbit in a perfectly balanced system.

Submission and support thread, plus development log:

Technical Details

6 base blueprints: Planetoid, Sun, SpaceSphere, OrbitalSystem, Nebula, Universe

17 sample preset planetoids

9 sample space spheres

2 sample suns

47 planet surface textures

5 disc textures

3 planetary cloud textures

3 planetary foliage/building examples

Most textures are 4096 x 2048. Some textures are lower resolution as appropriate.

MacOS Users

In order for the shaders to compile successfully you must open your project settings and set your Metal shader version to 2.0. Alternatively you can run the shader under Metal 1.2 by editing the base materials and disabling tessellation in the shader settings.

Asset version: 4.18-4.21
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