VFX Spark Pack

VFX Spark Pack

The VFX Spark Pack contains various electrical environmental and dynamic effects ranging from sparks, zaps to electric arcs and beams. The effect blueprints offer flexibility with timing to create a wide array of different timing with the same effects. Sound and/or light have been connected to the Blueprint set effects. Note the sounds are from Unreals sample packs and are for testing the zapping sounds only.

Blueprints drive most of the effects here, but there are a couple that use the event system in cascade:

• Environmental electrical shorts (Blueprint and cascade events for variation)

• Environmental electrical bursts (Blueprint and cascade events for variation)

• Grind sparks (with collision based Blueprint)

• Weld sparks (with collision based Blueprint)

• Electrical omni and directional explosions (Blueprint setups)

• Electrical beam collision (Blueprint)

• Random Ray Electrical beam collision (Blueprint)

4.12 Added particle trimming for better performance.

* The content map is currently in content/maps/VFXSparkPack
Technical Details

List of Every Effect:
• VFX_Electrical_explosion_directional_nolight
• VFX_Electrical_explosion_nolight
• VFX_Electrical_prexplosion_nolight
• VFX_ElectricBeam
• VFX_ElectricBeam_move
• VFX_ElectricBeamBreak
• VFX_ElectricBeamHit
• VFX_ElectricBeamHit_move
• VFX_ElectricBreak
• VFX_ElectricBreak_loop_nolight
• VFX_Grind
• VFX_Grind_nolight
• VFX_SparkDrip
• VFX_SparkDrip_loop_nolight
• VFX_Weld
• VFX_Weld_nolight

CPU, GPU, and/or Mesh emitters? All
Number of Effects: 16
Number of custom Materials: 15
Number of custom Textures: 14
Number of Blueprints: 9
Number of Meshes: 1

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