Beams and Lasers Pack

Beams and Lasers Pack

The Beams and Lasers pack has 11 different types of weapon projectile including laser beams, plasma bolts and electricity arc which are all fully configurable to nearly any type of weapon. Electricity and beam type weapons scale based on distance to target resulting in a seamless projectile system and are ray traced.

This pack provides 11 different projectiles which can be used for automatic, semi auto and single fire type weapons, there is also a projectile spawner designed in mind to present the projectiles in the different firing modes.
Technical Details

• (6) bitmaps
• (12) blueprints [11 projectiles + 1x spawner]
• (10) materials
• (6) models + 1 destructible mesh
• (1) particle effect

Intended Platforms: Desktop, VR
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