Scifi Particle Pack

Scifi Particle Pack

Sci-fi themed particles for weapon shots, environment fx and explosions.


This is a collection of sci-fi themed particle systems made for weapon shots, environments fx and explosions.

Included in this set are the following FX:
- Lightning orb
- Lightning blast
- 2 Beam weapons
- Pellet weapon shots with and without collision reactions
- Light columns: one warping in, the other out
- Pixel blast weapon shot with and without collision
- Pixel bomb explosion
- Blastwave explosion
- Unstable orb explosion
- Lightning core column
- Dark matter column
- Fusion column
- Pixel ground-wave shot
- Regular ground-wave shot

Technical Details

Designed for all platforms

The particle systems are built with the same scale and room size in mind. All nodes are linked where possible for easier editing and most just need target/source locations or length adjustments to fit whatever situation you need.

Number of Effects – 18
Number of Textures – 3
Number of Materials – 14
Number of Meshes – 2
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