Assetsville Town

Assetsville Town

Assetsville Town – download Unreal Engine asset

A low poly asset pack based on an American town with modular building tileset, interior and exterior props, vehicles, characters, & weapons.


Assetsville is happy to introduce the first ASSET PACK from a brand new LOW POLY SERIES for Unreal Engine 4. The set contains over 800 HIGH QUALITY MODELS crafted by professional 3D artists with a vast experience in the game development industry.

If you’re thinking about an indie game set in an American Town, you want it to look great, but you have limited resources, then this FIRST SET is definitely something for you!

The well-thought MODULAR BUILDING TILESET allows you to build stunning and seamless interior/exterior maps for dynamic and baked light settings in just few moments.

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Technical Details


Modular Town Tileset
Over 800 models including:
131 Modular Tileset Elements for Seamless exterior / interior design
66 Rigged Characters
18 Rigged Vehicles with customizable paint jobs
350 Interior Props
205 Exterior Props
16 Weapons
4 Fixed Buildings
Over 100 interior materials
Lightmap UV channel (mostly custom)
Great Looking Demo Scene

Texture Sizes: (5) 2048x2048, (99) 1024x1024 , (4) 512x512, (2) 256x256

Collision: YES, Automatically Generated

Triangle Count: (66) Characters: 900 - 2700, (100) Building Tileset: 4 – 1600, (300) Interior Props: 10 – 2000, (50) Interior Props: 2000 – 14000, (20) Weapons: 300 – 5500, (16) Vehicles: 5500 – 10000, (1) Vehicle (Truck): 16 000, (1) Vehicle (Fruit Truck): 18 000, (4) Fixed Buildings: 2800 – 5600, (190) Street Props: 8 – 1800, (14) Street Props: 2000 – 4000, (1) Street Prop: 4700, (1) Street Prop: 7000, (1) Street Prop: 1500

Number of Meshes: 807 (723 Static/84 Skeletal) 6 Character Poses (No Animations Included)

The characters are not scaled to the Epic Skeleton, however the Assetsville Skeleton can be adjusted to work with all Epic Skeleton animations with just few clicks - check how!

LODs: 4 LODs for props, none for rigged vehicles/characters/tileset

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 122

Number of Textures: 110

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, PS4, XONE, Switch, Android, iOS, VR
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      Please update mfps mobile controls and add on and traffic ride template plz
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      (One asset for rain on all map? Only that asset please - then, i buy on your page ) i lov u
      1. Just checked - all OK. More details pls
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      ineed this project please
      Best site in the world
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