Horror Military Bunker

A dark, atmospheric bunker deep underground

A modular constructed missile bunker perfect for various types of games.

Technical Details


Controllable decal Blueprints. Control the colour, wear, roughness of the decal to break up repetition.
Vertex paintable materials. Paint on cracks, or water onto various surfaces
Dynamic cable, and vent Blueprints that allow for ease of placement and adjustment

Texture Sizes:

1024x1024 - 2048x2048

Collision: (Yes, automatically generated, and per-poly)

Vertex Count: 100 - 5000

LODs: No

Number of Meshes: 176

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 32

Number of Textures: 82

Supported Development Platforms: PC, MacOS, PS4, Xbox One
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    1. I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. This is GREAT for poor indie developers who want to make an impression with people.

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      1. Thanks you!
        Come more often, bring friends!
    2. hey sir, do you have any source for torrents ?
      i cant download many packs because the free download are nor working anymore..
      i dont want to buy a premium account :/
      hope u can help me
      1. Hello!
        Sorry, I can't support torrent