City Subway Train

City Subway Train

Modular New York style subway tunnel train created for the Unreal Engine.

This project includes everything pictured with all assets, maps, materials, blueprints, and vfx created in the Unreal Engine. Each asset was created for realistic AAA quality visuals, style, and budget.


Modular design for easy use and combination with other parts

Over 110+ mesh assets

Master material set up that control the majority of all props and models

Master material on floor surfaces to control dirt and trash

Master material on wall surfaces to control dirt and wear

Blueprint for easy light setup and controls

Multiple Lookup Tables (LUTs)

30+ signs, stickers, and graffiti decals

Cinematic Post Processing and setup

Tileable texture sets for plastic, metal, rubber floor, trash, dirt, and many more.

-----Technical Details-----

Textures in PNG or TGA format

Most textures created at 2048 pixel resolution

Channel Packed Textures (Roughness, Metalness, Ambient Occlusion)

All structural assets snap to and are aligned to UE4 grid

Created and tested using Unreal Version 4.16
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      What about that assets? Will be uploaded? :)
      1. Maybe later, keep for updates.