The Last Stop Scene

The Last Stop Scene

Whole Unreal project for The Last Stop scene, done with version 4.12.4. Perfect for learning how to make environment like this.

NOTE! This was a one year personal project. Don´t expect butter smooth frame rates or huge levels. There is no colliders or gameplay mechanics implemented into the scene. What you get is all the textures in hi-res, models like cars, props, trees, different type of foliage etc.. If scenes are appearing white then do the following: Go to the PostProcessVolume -> Auto Exposure.

Change Method to Auto Exposure Basic

Min Brightness: 0.6

Max Brightness: 2.0

Speed Up: 3.0

Speed Down: 1.0

Exposure Bias:0.0

Histogram Log Min:-8.0

Histogram Log Max: 2.0
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