Bumping Pub

Bumping Pub

Bumping Pub is a scene inspired by Elder Scrolls.

Bumping Pub contains 49 useful assets of AAA quality. Being Bumping Workshop’s first product on the Unreal Marketplace, this environment set, which took 100+ man-days to build, is available for mere $4.99.
Please note that we used Epic’s VFX (mainly fire), which we are not allowed to put into our package. So the scene would look different from the video. We kept all the lights though, so the difference wouldn’t be so distinct.
Technical Details

49 assets
average 2070 triangles
texture resolution is 2048*2048 (1 metre <-> 512 pixels)
1 material and 43 instances

Intended Platform: Windows only, although it should be working for all consoles as well.
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