SuperGenius - Modular Home

SuperGenius - Modular Home

SuperGenius brings modular home creation to the Unreal Marketplace with this massive Modular Home starter pack. Aimed for use in both architectural visualization and game development, this pack comes loaded with fully customizable walls, floors, roofs, light fixtures and even a basic suite of assets for kitchens and bathrooms.

Included in the pack:
- 128 unique static meshes, including several different styles of walls, siding, doors and windows.
- One blueprint that perfectly tiles floors, ceilings and roofs no matter the scale.
- 11 Materials that branch out into 80+ material instances
- 90+ Textures, all of which are 2k – 4k resolution.
- 1 Overview map
- 1 Demo home sceneVideo

We are introducing a new method of support for the pack as well : In addition to our provided video break down and one-on-one email support, we have uploaded written documentation for reference at this link:
Technical Details

Number of Assets: 352 Average vertex count:
Most assets sit in the 300-800 vertices range. Some are as low as 24 (floor tile) or up to 19,000 (Garage door)Texture Resolutions: Mostly 4096, though a few are 2048.
Number of Materials: 11 master materials.
Number of modular pieces: 90 modular pieces, 38 unique assets..

Intended Platform - Intended for mid-range to high end PCs and Consoles. Tested thoroughly on a mid-range PC (Intel i5, GTX 460SE).
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