Vega Threading

Vega Threading

VegaThreading is a simple blueprint library designed for the easy and seamless creation of multithreading applications without touching a line of C++.

Using this library is as easy as creating an object variable, assigning a custom event(s) and calling the fire node, it's that simple and the performance benefits are incredible!

Thread looping
End of thread callback
Optional parameters to optimise your threading needs.
Custom mutex support.
4.12 - 4.15 support
Technical Details

Number of blueprint nodes: 8

This blueprint works by wrapping functionality in events using delegates and firing them from the threads.
For protection for data and to ensure threads are fired in the order to which they were called, a static mutex guard is used.

Network replicated: Not directly but data manipulated can be replicated using the typical replication systems.

Tested and Working:

• Win32
• Win64
• Mac
• Linux
• Android
• iOS

Expected to work:

• All supported Unreal Engine platforms since I make use of their in house threading class but this has not been fully tested as of 23/01/2017

Future Development:

Utilize more concurrency features to increase thread control and thread safety.
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