Rama Save System v4.20

Rama Save System

With the Rama Save System Plugin you can use the power of my C++ code in BP to easily save and load the state of an entire dynamically changing world! Reload actors, multiplayer pawn positions, runtime-created world geometry, and anything else you want!

This plugin is a comprehensive binary serialization save system for UE4!

By adding the Rama Save Component to any actor, you enable save/load functionality for that actor, including world transform and any custom properties that you wish to specify.

This save system can also save global data and player progression, but that is the far simpler use case compared to its true power, which is serializing the state of an entire world of actors at lightning speeds!

A Save Tags system lets you load only the actors you want from a save file!

Use Cases For This Plugin:
• Saving all the data and actors for a strategy or action game, so the entire world state can be instantly reloaded from a tiny file on your hard disk.
• Saving all the data for a player’s personal profile, recording their progress through a game.
• Saving an entire world full of actors quickly and easily, being able to specify exactly which actor variables get saved.
• Saving data that is customized per instance of a character or creature in the world, such as health, current armor value, ammo count, etc.
• Saving a composite level that uses level streaming and saving/loading the state of individual streaming levels at any time.
• Saving data that is global to the entire game, as well as the entire state of the game world that all players share.

Asset version: 4.20
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