Modern Soldier Camo Pack

Modern Soldier Camo Pack

Modern soldier with skeleton, skinning, LODs, and six PBR materials.


This paсk contains the character with six variants of camouflage :
• Digital
• Jungle
• Spec-ops
• Winter
• Desert
Technical Details

Asset Includes:
3 LODs - LOD0 10309, LOD1 5136, LOD2 2664 poly.
2k Textures - Albedo, specular, glossiness, normal and occlusion map.
Skinned model have 61 bones in skeleton and WeaponHolder bone for weapon attachment.
Scaled to Epic skeleton:Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
Animated: No
Number of characters: 1
Vertex counts of characters: 9450
Texture Resolutions: 2048
Documentation Included: No

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      • Guest Serial Killer
      • : 13:07
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      Why does the file have a password which i downloaded from HITFILE?
    1. can you pls pls upload this package this will be awesome ^^
    2. password???
    3. Password is required for extraction, and it is not posted here in asset description.
      1. Password is now in descriptions text, thank you.
      • ABC
      • : 12:02
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      Wrong Password
      1. Use WinRar 5.5 or above