High-quality models of personnel for scientific laboratory, hospital or office. Compatible with the Epic skeleton. Includes a fully customizable blueprint.

Opportunity of constructing many different NPCs

12 types of clothing

16 types of head and textures to them

Each head has a hairstyle, a beard and eyebrows

Fully customizable clothing (colors, pattern, etc.).

In a blueprint there is a simple system of animation and movement along the spline

Additional props (glasses, book, etc.).

Each mesh have a LODs

In the future, we plan to add a few more animations

Attention: there is no facial animation



a new body (see screenshots)
the body has several additional normals (old and muscular body)
now all heads switch with morphs
added morphs to all clothing (hands, legs and torso)
added winking
redesigned hair shader
Now the meshes of hair, beards and the head can be adjusted separately

Update02 (The update should appear very soon. He has already been sent for approval in the epic games and will be available in 2-3 days. )


Some new civilian clothes
New system of prints on T-shirts
Fixed several bugs

Attention. Apex does not work with morphs (this is relevant for SK_BioWorker_M, SK_Doctor2_Robe, SK_suit). To make the morphs work you need in the settings of the mesh in LOD0 in the item "Clothes" put "None".

Technical Details

Number of Assets: 107
Average Triangle count: 4349 (max 28564 min 104)
example LOD for the Head mesh: 14324 - 3442 - 1562 - 556
Texture Resolutions:
• (24) 4096x4096
• (44) 2048x2048
• (24) 1024x1024
• (6) 512x512
• (36) 256x256
• (2) 128x128
• (4) 8x8
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