GR Customizable Female 01

GR Customizable Female 01

High quality customizable female character, ready to be implemented on your game. Compatible with the Epic skeleton and bundled with cloth sets, items, 3rd person template and animations from Epic. It can be customized on the editor or during gameplay.

[woman, girl, female, stylized, anime, sexy, character, cloth, clothes]

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
Animated: Yes
Number of characters: 1
Vertex counts of characters: 20000
Texture Resolutions: 4096
Number of Animations: 69 (Epic default animations + Epic Animation Starter Pack)
Animation types: Normal
Intended Platform: PC / Console
Platforms Tested: PC
Documentation Included: No
Important\Additional Notes: No
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