Weapon Equip System 2

Weapon Equip System 2

With the 'Weapon Equip System 2.1', Critical Gameware has expanded and deepened the functionality of the original system to include great new user requested features and iron out some bugs.

Features of this system include:
-Equipping weapon models to the player character.
-Selecting weapons with Keys or Mouse scrolling.
-Third person and FPS modes.
-Weapons can be picked up with a Key press (default) or by walking over them.
-Weapons can be picked up in any order.
-Weapons will automatically find the first available Key slot when picked up.
-Weapon textures are displayed with UMG.
-Weapons can be upgraded, to give the player a new version of a weapon at the same Key slot. The old weapon will spawn in the world (default).
-Weapons can be dropped from any Key slot.
-When a weapon is dropped, remaining weapons will fill unoccupied slots.

This is a very flexible system that can be used for any type of game from RPG to FPS. It is extremely easy to integrate your own weapons and there is a wealth of tutorials on how to use the system effectively.

With these blueprints the developer can quickly integrate their own weapon assets into UE4 and give the player character the power to select and equip them. The diverse feature set gives the developer all the options they need for working with weapon assets and textures during their game development. This will aid in the quick iteration of ideas and the acceleration of the project timeline. The 'Weapon Equip System 2.1' gives you the tools you need to start creating a professional level game. Check out the video link for more info!
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Designed for Desktop and Mobile
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