The Art of Combat v4.21

The Art of Combat

The Art of Combat – Unreal asset

The Art of Combat is designed entirely in blueprints as a plug and play solution for combat designers.


• Singleplayer and Multiplayer Fully Supported!

• 'New' Moveset Control Component - Switch entire movesets with changes in weapon types!

• Attack systems with multiple chaining sequence types

• Several input designs

• Special attacks

• Parry and counter systems

• Damage dealing and receiving systems

• Feint system

• Two targeting systems - Lock on and APR

• RPG elements

• Simple material instancing system

• Hit system

• Player control and AI control systems

• Perception systems

• Projectile systems

• Animation blueprints (default is the Epic Skeleton Rig)

• Montage setups

• 3D widgets

• Parent-child hierarchies

Technical Details

Intended Platform: Desktop, Mobile

Platforms Tested: Desktop

Documentation Included: Yes

New Number of Blueprints: 50

New Number of Widgets: 50

New Blueprints and Improvements

• New Complete Archery System (Ranger Class with the ability to use melee attacks as well as ranged attacks)

• New Steam API Integration For Singleplayer/Multiplayer

• New AI Personality Improvements (The AI is now even more intelligent, using a combination of certain variables and probability for Action Design like AI Aggression Level (Aggressive, Reactive, Passive), Preferred Hate Rank Level of Target (High, Mid, Low), Current Energy Checking Priority (Defines the probability of the AI to "want" to check its energy levels to make sure it has sufficient energy), Energy Refill Threshold (High, Mid, Low)

• New Character Improvements (Gender Definition, New Graphs - AI Graph, Ranger Graph, Defense Graph (Parries, Parry Counters, Responsive Evade System, Feints, Feint Counters, Blocks and Guard Breaks), Attack Graphs, Movement Graph, Targeting Graph, Equipment Graph, Damage Graph, Hits Graph, RPG Graph, Attack Techniques Graph, Special Techniques Graph, SFX Graph)

• New Projectile Classes (One Parent and children for different kinds of projectile movements - linear, angular, etc)

• New Projectile Deflection System (Built into the character and projectile blueprints, similar to Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm's Kunai/Shuriken deflection system)

• New Modular RPG Component (Regeneration and Draining of Stats, Level Ascension, Class/Sin Assignment, Attributes, Stats, Stat Point Assignment)

• New Game Mode Templates For Various Battle Scenarios (Survival, Versus)

Asset version: 4.21
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