VR Levitate Objects

VR Levitate Objects

The basic VR project extended with levitation – download Unreal Engine asset

This project extends the basic VR project with the ability to levitate objects. Both hands can be used seperately. In the blueprint you can modify the variables to make it a precise levitation that moves only one object slowly or you can set it to have a huge range and great force.

Test video :

Technical Details


Grab (Trigger) (Selecting targets/stop levitation)
Thumb Axis Y (Pull close / push away)


LevTargetMeshEnabled: Enables the mesh that helps targeting in targeting state. (Change the mesh however you want)
LevParticleEnabled: Enables the mesh that helps targeting in levitation state.
LevMaxObjects: Maximum number of objects you can levitate
LevTargetingRange: The maximum range of targeting objects.
LevTargetPrecision: The radius of the targeting sphere
LevOffsetRange: The randomly generated relative positions' range
LevForceMult: The multiplier of the force that's applied during levitations.
MinLevDist: Minimum range of levitation
MaxLevDist: Maximum range of levitation
LevDistSpeed: Speed of pulling the objects closer/push the objects away

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Oculus

Supported Target Build Platforms: Oculus
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