Classic Fps Movement Pack v1.1

Classic Fps Movement Pack

Classic Fps Movement Pack – download Unreal Engine asset

The FPS movement pack for the unreal 4 engine adds responsive, creative player movement similar to beloved FPS classics and hugely popular FPS titles of today. The heart of the pack adds air acceleration (air strafing) for precise air control at all speeds.
Full list of features:

*Adds true air acceleration/air strafing. Fully customizable acceleration values/thresholds.
*Adds ground acceleration- adds additional acceleration when turning, giving a tighter feeling movement while turning on the ground. Used in strafe/circle jumping.
*Adds trimp jumping – gain jump speed or height depending on ramp angle
*Adds rampsliding – landing on a ramp at enough velocity allows you to glide up it
*Adds pogo and crouch jumping
*Adds bunnyhopping with optional speed caps
*Adds simple speedometer

100% in blueprint for easy access to enable/disable and customize all movement variables per your preference.

Development thread:

Asset version: 1.1
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