BP Spawning Volumes

BP Spawning Volumes

A flexible Spawning Volume Blueprint that lets you define a bounds for randomly spawning players, AI Characters, basically any Actor you can think of. Far superior to static single point Spawn Points which for example in Multiplayer scenarios can be camped by unruly players awaiting unsuspecting clients to spawn. However Spawning Volumes can go far beyond just simply spawning players in a Multiplayer game, using your imagination you could incorporate them into anything you can think of. All Blueprints are clearly commented and their logical flow is easy to understand and follow. This package comes with alot of supporting content that helps to demonstrate the uses for Spawning Volumes in a Multiplayer DeathMatch and TeamDeathMatch gametype environment.

Technical Details

- 3 Actor Blueprints
o BP_SpawningVolume
o BP_Default_Test_Cube
o BP_Default_Projectile
- 3 Game Mode/Game Type Blueprints
o GM_GameTypeGlobalLogic
o GT_DeathMatch
o GT_TeamDeathMatch
- 1 Game State Blueprint
o GS_SpawningVolume_GameState
- 3 Enumeration Blueprints
o EGameTypes
o ETeams
o EPlayerSessionStates
- 2 Interface Blueprints
o IGameType
o IDamagable
- 1 Player Controller Blueprint
o BP_SpawningVolume_PlayerController
- 1 Player Character Blueprint
o BP_SpawningVolume_PlayerCharacter
- 1 Player State Blueprint
o BP_SpawningVolume_PlayerState
- 2 Player HUD Blueprints
o BP_SpawningVolume_PlayerWidgetHUD
o BP_spawningVolume_PlayerHUD
- 1 Tutorial Blueprint
o SpawningVolumeTutorial

List of Spawning Volume features:
- Self contained resizable Spawning Volume blueprint actor.
- Function: SpawnActorWithinVolume safely spawns a given actor at a random position within the volume.
- Function: GetRandomLocationWithinVolume returns a World Space vector for a random safe spawn location within the Spawning Volume.
- Collision Detection
- Override able Z height trace extent.
- Single or Multi trace on failed safe spawn location.
- Actor tag filtering.
Supporting features:
- 2 example game types (DeathMatch and TeamDeathMatch) that demonstrates real world spawning systems for a First/Third Person Shooter environment.
- Basic Player damage and health system.
- Player States to support the demonstration of respawning systems (Alive/Dead).
- Basic Teams system (also integrated into the Spawning Volumes) to support demonstration of the TeamDeathMatch spawning logic.
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