Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator

Dynamic Tree & Plant Generator

Procedural trees and plants with many dynamic features. Fast & easy generator system with intuitive drag&drop workflow.


This tool allows for fast and easy generation of dynamic trees & plants with intuitive drag & drop workflow and many generation parameters.

Full feature list:

The project comes with documentation levels that explain all the features. The system is made entirely in Blueprints.

Latest update (UE 4.21+):

Vastly improved generation speed & runtime performance
Optimized vert count for default modular trunk & branch meshes
Improved default leaf materials
Improved liana placement options & behavior
Improved wind, force reaction & fall (from chopping) animations
Smoother wind direction/strength transitions
Better chopping location detection
2 new tree presets
Fixed plant interaction detection, now it detects all collision-enabled objects properly.
Improved asset naming & folder structure

... Before updating from 4.20 or older versions, please backup your project.

This is a major update that overhauls some of the blueprint logic for tree generation, wind & force reaction, liana placement and more.

Latest hotfix (UE 4.21+):

Fixed & improved default leaf particles subUV animation
Fixed the F-key zoom functionality on selected trees

Technical Details

Previous update (UE 4.20+):

Improved generation speed & runtime optimization
Improved auto billboard generation
ForestMaker: Added possibility to prevent spawning trees/plants on objects marked with specified tag
Added new exposed parameters for tree & plant generators
Improved & simplified FORM creation process
Cleaned up blueprint logic & Details panel, improved comments and node organization
Updated documentation maps
Improved default values to provide better results out of the box
Fixed tree chopping physics after previous UE physics engine update

Documentation Included: Yes (All features explained on working examples inside documentation levels)
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    1. Hi Lexus, iam noticed that you can upload content on request. If you have the opportunity, please post some of this:

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      1. Yes it would be a great help to have a procedural dungeon type generator...
    2. Please can you post "Classic Mansion"
      • skyo
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      thank you for this great pack. will buy if used in the final game. have a good day