Dynamic Water System v3 v4.20

Dynamic Water System v3

This Project is based on the Unreal Engine 4 Content examples render target fluid system. All additional complex features are created by me using blueprints.

:::: Tons of new features in V3 ::::
- now 3 demo levels - Player Local Simulation (only 1 single plane) - automatic water interaction as based on tags - Water interaction cause waves in shape of object - Water Simulation can be tweaked to massive distances - massive performance improvements - splashes on shallow water - water splash color based on actor tag of water body - Impact at location Function/Blueprint added - Rain at location Function/Blueprint added - Particle Rain Blueprint added - tesselation by distance and falloff option - Particle interaction - now only what touches water surface causes waves - over water and under water touch offset - increased water surface precision - interactive Water Jet (Press N) - spawn dynamic objects (Press B) - fake buoyancy - under water post Process volume - char arm rotation influenced by water level - character speed influenced by water level - World Space Tiling of water surface - tiling in water body settings - yaw rotation is now properly possible - debuging components and exposed options - Render Target resolution and capture resolutions is now editable - wave orientation can now be set to up or downwards - object idle speed variable - an activation box with offset options - wave noise reduction option - pixelation effect - local planar reflection - rain around player option - basic caustics - self caustics - grass is influenced by waves

Asset version: 4.20
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