Battle Royale - Zone

This asset adds "Zone" that is used in Battle Royale games(like FNBR, PUBG, etc).

It is fully customizable, easy to integrate and fully supports multiplayer.

Available settings:

1. Changing start and final sizes of the zone and it's height.

2. Zone "steps", their time and time till it reaches the next step.

3. Information about zone's time and status. It's easy to change if you look through the tutorial in asset's folder.

4. Fully customizable material for zone (Colour, opacity, etc..)

To use the asset you need to:

1. Place Zone Blueprint on your scene and change it's radiuses.

2. Add interface in your character's blueprint.

3. Set up events "In Zone" and "Not in Zone" in your character.

(Video tutorial is in asset's folder)
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