Pro Main Menu Pack

A well designed main menu with settings menu, customisable settings and much more.

This Main Menu is inspired by different Menus, i.e. Star Wars Battlefront II.

You will get a full modern designed main menu prepared for an extensive single player setting.

The menu gives you a level selection, simple save system, credits and a settings menu with

fully working graphic and audio settings.

Most elements get their color information from a Base Color which is customizable

in the HUD Class, together with many other parameters like opacity, font styles & sizes,

button names and more. Also the main menu has a Live-Background which you can customise with your Assets.

If you miss any tutorial in the Training Video-Playlist, please contact me:

Technical Details


All-In-One Widget for the Base Main Menu.
Customizable Parameters like Basecolor, Opacity & more which affects most elements.
Main menu, pause menu, level selection, new game, settings, credits

Save Systems:

Basic gameplay save system (location, map name & more)
Settings save system (general settings, audio settings, graphic settings)

Level Selection:

Customizable with Functions/Events (take a look for tutorials)

Settings Menu:

General Settings (a widget with different button types, text boxes, sliders and more. You have to customize this menu)
Display and graphic settings
Audio volumes and different audio output settings
Audio and general settings are saved to save games and loaded in the game instance

Number of Blueprint Classes: 7

Number of Master Materials: 1

Number of Particles: 1

Number of Textures: 68

Number of Widgets: 25

Number of Soundcues: 4

Keyboard & Mouse supported: YES

Gamepad supported: NO
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    1. I was looking for this so bad, thank you uploader!
      1. welcome bro :)
    2. Hi guys, what about Kasqir character -

      Lookin so long for this :)
      1. Hi!
        Fixed - try now