Ability Casting System v4.20

Abilities / Spells / Magic System For Your Fantasy MOBA, MMO, Arena Game! Character Regen / Death and Effects

Note: 4.19 now works on single, coop and dedicated server builds.

This add-on includes the functionality to cast, cancel and hold out abilities and then apply effects on any character that has the "Ability Component" attached to them.

Press a # to load the ability. LMB to cast, RMB to cancel.

Casting mechanics for each ability are easily configurable inside the AbilitiesDataTable.

Includes 10 Example Abilities:

1 Fireball with a knock back

2 Poison ball with poison over time

3 Fire Bolt

4 Frost Bolt

5 Wall of Fire

6 Magical Shield

7 Exploding Blast

8 Heal Other

9 Heal Self

0 Resurrect

Easy to replicate and comes with Projectile_base bolt_base, Base_AoE.

Create a child component and apply your own code or make your own base_ability class to create children from.

The "Character System Component" includes a status, death, resurrection, and regeneration system.

The ability system can work with any game as a Spell Casting System or way to create a progress bar along side an action.

This is an 'Add-on' meaning you can add it to any existing project instantly.

Technical Details

Ability & Effect Casting System
Character Status System With HP/Mana/Stamina
5 Damage Types
10 Example Abilities
15 Example Effects
Fully Authoritative Server for Dedicated Host Games
Works on Single, Coop, and Dedicated Builds

Asset version: 4.20
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