Dynamic Grass System

This system allows to easily add dynamic behavior to any grass mesh. Use it with UE foliage tool or spawn it dynamically in game. Shockwaves, deforming, burning + fire propagation, cutting, growing, removing, ground blending and more effects included by default.

Supported Engine Versions: 4.13 - 4.20

Technical Details

The system is made 100% in Blueprints.

Due to the Marketplace character limit, full feature list (+ starter guide) is available here:

Number of blueprints: 42

Intended Platforms: All
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Yes (starter guide + 2 demo levels with mechanic examples)
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    1. Anyway this can be reuploaded? Free download limit has exceeded.
      I'm not in a position to get premium at this time. This would help me a lot. Thank you!