Generated Gore Dismemberment Kit

Easily dismember and create wound effects with broken bones in your game.

System allows to dismember characters, create broken bones and wound effects. Whole logic is implemented into single Actor Component and Data Table. That allows the quick setup and management for many characters with different properties. Everything is written with Blueprints, no C++ involved. Code and variables are commented and categorized.

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Technical Details

Actor Component Blueprint: 1
Particle Systems: 3
Meshes for Emitters: 3
Materials and Textures for Effects: 2
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048
Number of characters: 2
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
Intended Platforms: Windows, Linux, OSX
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    1. Can you add another link maybe mediafire or google drive? Hit file fails downloading at 45%.
      I would be thank full I want to know if i can fully utilize this asset before buying it.