Battle Royale Template (Inventory + Minimap)

Battle Royale Template (Inventory + Minimap)

This is a battle royale template 100% blueprint, 2 maps included. You can customize the server settings (Player count, Solo/duo/squad. Works with both dedicated or hosting a game (Loby included)

You can pickup weapons, items from the ground, add them to the inventory or auto-equip if it's a main weapon if one is not already equipped, the inventory supports drag/drop and hover tooltips, equipping from inventory to the main slots or the opposite, drop items, you can also drop a specific amount from an item you in the inventory like bandages/grenades etc. Inventory has a weight system, the player will be informed when you can't place/pickup in the inventory due to insufficient space.

Weapons can be reloaded, swapped and can shoot. All weapon animations are replicated, weapons are projectile based.

The project includes a minimap and an overview map that can be used to track your location and your teammates if the game mode is either Duos or Squads, you can add a marker in your overview map and that marker will be replicated to your friendlies with your own marker color. The minimap can track anything with custom textures and colors.

Players are constantly notified with game play information (Kills, players alive, kill feed etc)

The item system uses a data table where you can modify (or add new) all pickups in one place easily.

Technical Details


Solo, Duo, Squad mods
2 maps (Plane, and simple teleport)
Advanced inventory system (multi slot)
Data table to add or update pickup information
Compass, Minimap and overview map
Show teammates health bar and location (Duo, Squad)
Custom game modes (Mode, timings, friendly fire etc)
Loby to host and join session, or dedicated server.
Reload, swapping and other animation are all replicated
Projectile based weapon
Add new items and weapons easily
Works with listen and dedicated servers
Easily expandable
Minimap can track anything with customized texture/color/size
Minimap can keep track and display off screen objects. (AddPersistentActor)

Number of Blueprints: 50

Input: (Keyboard, Mouse)

Network Replicated: (Yes)

Supported Development Platforms: (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, PS4, Xbox)

Documentation: (

Important/Additional Notes: Make sure you adapt the inputs to your need.


Added Duo and squad modes
Changed the inventory to a multislot (grid) where you wan select specifically where to place your item.
Re made the character class to make it as flexible and understandable as possible.
Added grenade launcher weapon
Added new map with an air plane
Added compass
Added BR Zone [4.20]
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    1. Please tell me how to set up this template for mobile control (Android / IOS). I'm new to the Unreal Engine
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      I have a problem when i start launch game i have som errors

      Tha file its too loong...why????? pls help