3 bikes (BMX bike - Racing Bike - Cycling Gym) character-pedal-chains animations,air control and special moves with controlling in cycling speed rate and the level has track, obstacles and different ramps.
Technical Details

3 Blueprints bikes - 6 Blueprint animation
10 -15 Meshes
15 Materials
2048 res. textures

Keyboard Map:
Racing bike - Gym cycling
Arrows - WASD: Movement
Left shift: Sprint

BMX Bike:
Arrows - WASD: Movement and Air control
Z: Back lean
X: Character jump
Q: Lift front bike
Space: Jump
E: Spin

Intended Platform: All
Platforms Tested: Desktop
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    1. Can Reupload the file? thx
      1. Hi!
        File on both servers, what problem?
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          this is not a problem, but i cant download the file, because reach more than max free downloads, but in a future i buy premium, if you can reupload the file to another server or the same but whit other name, thx