Fight Game Select Character

Fight Game Select Character

Do you like fighting games ?
This kit contains everything you need to start your game.
With just a few duplicate codes you will make an initial menu, a selection characters menu, and fight characters. Don't waste your time, let's make fighting games now!
Simple Codes ready to copy and paste inside your project!
Blueprint that automatically distribute players for any level in Projects
Blueprint that automatically controls the camera

Menu Start (HUD)
Basic menu for entry and exit your game
Help Button
Pause Menu

Select player (HUD)
Clean layout ready for your character selection screen:
NamePlayers (Automatic)
3D Actors Real Time
Grid Basic (16)
Support Horizontal and Vertical Navigation
Grid to enter how many characters you want
Loading levels easily by its names.

Game player
Layout Clean for your GamePlay:
Health bar
Energy bar
Time count (Automatic)
PlayersName (Automatic)

Supports two controllers at the same time

Basic moves for fighting games:
Technical Details

* 02 Players Controllers
* 01 Widget
* 01 Camera (BluePrint Actor)
* 02 Fighters (BluePrint Actors)
* 03 Scenarios (Levels)
* 02 files format .psd to help you create your thumbnails (character and stages)
* Platform Tested: Desktop
* Tutorial (.pdf) how to add characters and scenarios

Important/Additional Notes: There are several stages both in the images above and as thumbnails in the Stage Selection screen of the project, but these stages are not included with the pack.
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