Automatic Coral Generator

Automatic Coral Generator

A water blueprint that randomly generates corals and reefs. Comes with a collection of coral meshes to experiment with.

Simple drag drop and scale reef generator. You'll be able to add and remove coral members and modify the frequency, scale, scale variety, maximum depth, normal alignment, Z offset, collision and more for each mesh.
Comes with 13 unique coral meshes to experiment with, most of them with multiple color varieties.

Blueprints Included:
• Coral Blueprint
- Customized Water
- Underwater post process and coral settings to adjust
• Coral Blueprint presets

13 Unique Meshes with color variations
Textures are 2048x2048 for object textures, 1024p for tileable patterns
Water shader.

Maps Included:
• Landscape test map
• Pond test map
• Features map
Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:1 (and 4 presets)

List of Features:
• Turn water on/off
• Water Surface Appearance
• Normal Map
• Tiling
• Overall Color
• Fresnel Color
• Reflection Vector
• Opacity
• Metallic
• Roughness
• Refraction Settings
• Ripple Speed

• Underwater Appearance
• Underwater Color
• Fringe
• Gamma
• Vignette
• Bloom settings

• Coral Members
• Arrays for each member:
• Frequency
• Scale
• Scale variety
• Maximum depth
• Reverse Depth
• Normal alignment
• Z offset
• Random Z Offset
• Collision

Update Features:
• Instanced generation
• Water Offset
• Random ZOffset for each array
• Reverse Depth Option for each array

Intended Platform: Windows
Platforms Tested: Windows
Documentation Included: Features Map
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