Enemy Targeting System

Enemy Targeting System

Blueprints to implement targeting in your game.

A collection of blueprint classes and functions with easy to follow directions to implement my enemy targeting system. Targeting is huge because it opens the door to strategy beyond aiming with your crosshairs. It gives your players a "doesn't miss" option which can be used with powerful spells and abilities that require a target or long cast times. In the example I am able to cycle through all enemies, in a radius of my choosing from the player, simply by pressing tab. When an enemy is selected, the targeted enemy will have a circle placed around it, or whatever static mesh you choose as all of these properties can be easily replaced with your art and custom assets. Please watch the sample video for details.
Technical Details

*NOTE:* Please set the GameMode to "ThirdPersonGameMode" in the World Settings before using the ThirdPersonExampleMap.

- Well-Commented Blueprints
- Easily intergrate your own assets
- Customizable classes and settings

Intended Platform: All
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