RealisticSpace: Colorful Nebulas

RealisticSpace: Colorful Nebulas

This pack contains 8 accurate, high definition skyboxes of real nebulas from M 82 galaxy, but if you don't like real colors, you can change it inside of instance material.

There's only one Blueprint for all the skyboxes, you simple change the material of skydome in BP_Skybox.

This pack contains the following skyboxes from M 82 galaxy:

RN 1219-89 Nebula
RN 1219-93 Nebula
RN 1219-99 Nebula
RN 1219-161 Nebula
RN 1219-239 Nebula
RN 1219-247 Nebula
RN 1219-288 Nebula
RN 1219-290 Nebula

Technical Details


Adjustable brightness and color grading of skyboxes
Simple setup

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of Materials: 1 master + 8 instances

Texture Resolution: 6x4096x4096 each

Important/Additional Notes:

Setup: All you need is just to drag&drop BP_SkyBox into your scene and select material in it's Details panel
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