Close Combat: Fighter

Close Combat: Fighter

The package contains: a combat system, a fully animated character in hand-to-hand combat, a move system (walk, run, jump), and a system for increasing the level of the character.


Video overview of the project

The Project Close Combat: Fighter is created to provide developers with a

template for games of different genres: action games, RPG’s, or fighting

games. The template includes a combat system, a system for character movement,

a system for managing character’s level up, and a system of skills for a character.

Also implemented a fully compatible addition for sword combat (Distributed separately):

Close Combat: Swordsman

Technical Details


Movement. There is a jumping system, as well as a system for movement in running and walking states. A combat system is also available, where it is possible to walk in a fighting stance in all directions, while making dashes or dodging an attack, etc ...
Health component. This component comprises all parameters of health. It can be used not only with the character, but with any actor, which might need health parameters.
Melee Weapon. The class of melee weapon for close quarters combat.
AI. Basic AI is capable of hearing, seeing, following, and attacking the player from short range.
XP management component. The component comprises all necessary logic to handle leveling up of a character.
Game Interface (HUD). There is a fully animated game interface.
Combat overview. A cinematic camera in combat.

Number of Blueprints: 33

Input: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Documentation: Rus/Eng (The package is completely compatible with the package "CloseCombat:Swordsman".)

Important/Additional Notes: Attention, there are no sounds in the project. All the exiled presented in the video are including locations, characters, effects and cutscenes

Online support: Discord channel


Number of Animations: 287

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
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