River Water Tool with Flow Buoyancy

River Water Tool with Flow Buoyancy

Easy to use River Spline tool with Dynamic Object Distortion and simple Flow Buoyancy.



Technical/Tutorial Video (Updated):

This River Tool is spline based with vast material instance properties, there is object detection and distortion showing water flowing around objects and up against them, there is also added Flow Buoyancy for physical objects to float and flow down rivers at a given speed.

Technical Details

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v1.3 Update 11/27/2017

You can now edit all the material instance parameters within the BP_RiverWater details panel.
All material settings within the details panel have been named to make more sense to what they are doing.
Added ability to change the foam color and color intensity.
Fixed problem when having sharp or deeper river beds the water would become very jagged. This should now display a smooth transition.
New Tutorial Video coming soon.


Enable "Generate Mesh Distance Fields" under Lighting within your Project Settings -> Render Settings. Otherwise the water shader will not display correctly.

Blueprints: 1

Materials: 1

Material Instances: 3

The Material in this pack is highly modifiable to achieve different results from calm rivers to fast river rapids.

Water color,

Current Speed,


Underwater fog,


Foam Intensity,

Object Distortion,

Edge Foam,

Rapids Height,

and more are all modifiable in the Material Instance.

Buoyancy settings are under the Blueprint Details Panel.

How to use:

Place the BP_RiverWater in the world and duplicate out the splines to the shape of the river you require.

Change the scale of each spline point to scale the river.

Enable Buoyancy to see physical objects flow down river. (Make sure your meshes have Simulated Physics enabled and Mesh Overlaps is also enabled)

Change settings in the material instance for different color's calm or rapid rivers and object distortion.
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