Sword Animset Pro

Sword Animset Pro

Sword Animset Pro – Unreal asset

This package contains a set of 178 motion captured animations for characters armed with a sword (without a shield, right hand forward pose). It’s designed for a TPP character and contains animations that allow you to build seamless, natural walking and running, sword attacks, combos, blocks, hits, dodges etc. In other words, a full fighting system.

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Technical Details

The packs contains animations in FBX form as well as an UE4 project, with all the animations imported and configured. Basic Blendspaces are also included. The pack does not include a Character controller.

The animations are baked on a Template Unreal Engine 4 skeleton. They can be imported out-of-the-box to any character inside UE4, that uses a Template Epic skeleton. It can also be retargeted inside UE4 engine on any humanoidal character. All animations are in 2 versions: in-place and with Root Motion.

The pack also includes a sword 3d model with textures (Diffuse, Specular, Normal).

Intended Platform: All

Animation List:
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