ProBuilder Advanced v2.4.10f2

ProBuilder Advanced v2.4.10f2

Tested, Proven, and Much-Loved
4 years of continuous, real-world use by game developers of all types and skill levels. Proudly used in major games including Tinertia, SUPERHOT, Republique, STRAFE and many more. Over 400 reviews and a 5-star rating on the Unity Asset Store.

Prototype Rapidly
Build basic or advanced geometry, right in Unity, with zero creative barriers. Devs agree, ProBuilder is wicked fast and incredibly easy to use- even Collision and UVs are automatically generated. Just build, and have fun!

Play Instantly
Playtest at any time, then edit immediately, and never leave Unity. No time (or sanity) wasted.

Perfect Easily
Go advanced with complete UV unwrapping, advanced lightmap settings, optimization, and more. Or, export your models to OBJ and detail externally!

Dedicated Support and Community
Need help? Found a bug? Have a feature request? Post to the ProCore Forum and you’ll get answers right away, directly from us or our friendly community. If it’s an especially tricky problem, we’ll even jump on Skype for a one-on-one and get it solved, right away.

What about Blender/Max/Maya/etc?
Those tools are great, and you should keep using them for small or highly-detailed objects. However, ProBuilder's unique ability to build directly in the editor, makes it perfect for level creation, large objects, or simply prototyping. You can instantly edit and playtest geometry, textures, lighting, collision, rooms, or structures- it is true creative freedom. Also, we have made great efforts to ensure ProBuilder is extremely simple and intuitive- nearly zero learning curve!

Learning ProBuilder
We put serious effort into a truly intuitive, obvious interface and controls that closely follow Unity's own standards. Artist, programmer, or complete novice- you will be working confidently and more quickly than ever, in very little time. Best of all, ProBuilder is so quick-yet-powerful, it can be flat-out fun to use!

There are also many tutorial videos and detailed documentation available to learn from- plus the friendly, growing community at

Major Features
-Edit by Vertex, Edge, or Face
-Subdivision, Extrusion, Welding, Bridging, etc
-Primitives including Door, Arch, Stairway, etc
-Smoothing and Hard Edges control
-Pivot location control
-Customizable keyboard shortcuts
-Edit Textures/Materials and UVs per-face
-Vertex Coloring
-Automatic UV2 Unwrapping
-Real-time editing supported
-Much more:

Most importantly, as game devs ourselves, we are dedicated to continually improving and expanding ProBuilder, based on everyone's feedback, and providing top-notch support. Just ask our users :)
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