Mesh Maker v2.9

Mesh Maker

The Modeling & Editing Collection

Mesh Maker includes all 16 modeling & editing tools to streamline your creativity. Make, modify and edit your Models or Levels right in Unity!

Latest Addition: LOD allows you to quickly and easily set up Unity style Level Of Detail for your models. Simply click a single button to decimate the objects and set up the desired LOD levels.

Unity 5 Ready
Compatible with Unity Personal and Professional Versions

The Collection Includes:

LOD - Combine, Decimate and LOD

Level Editor - Flexible Prototyping
10 Videos

Construction - Building Made Quick & Easy
2 Videos

Snap To Grid - Fast, Easy & Accurate

Geom 2.0 - Easy Geometric Modeling
6 Videos

Mesh Editor - Advanced Mesh Editing
4 Videos

Isosurface - Mathematics Inspired Meshes
2 Videos

CSG - Perform Boolean Operations

Mesh Painter - Paint Directly on Meshes
4 Videos

Blenderizer - Object Focused Camera

Metaballs - Create New Organic Meshes

Sculptor - Solids of Revolution

3D Brush - The Full Prefab Painting Tool

Mesh Cutter - Cut, Copy & Paste Meshes

Prefab Maker - Combine, Atlas & Prefab

Mesh Tools - Eleven Editing Tools in One
7 Videos

The collection continues to grow with new additions being added regularly and improvements being made to the existing tools.
Save by getting all 16 programs in this one bundle.

Easy Access: Open each of the tools quickly from a floating scene menu.

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