Mega Shapes v2.33

Mega Shapes

We've all seen games with beautiful rolling backgrounds – now you can have them too!

Making a racing game? No problem with Mega-Shapes. Draw a spline for the road, draw a cross section and then loft a road. Want more detail? Then loft a barrier and it will automatically conform to the road surface. Slide the barriers in or out, scale them, twist them – your imagination's the only limit! Use the powerful rail clone feature to repeat and position sets of objects along your path, like fences, power-lines, trees, etc! You can even have your lofts conform to terrains or any mesh under them, and now you can carve your lofts directly into terrains to get a perfect blend from your loft creation to your game terrain.

MegaShapes also gives you a scatter system that will take any objects you choose and scatter them along your road and have them automatically conform to the existing mesh's surface.

Other included systems are a complete Bezier spline creation system and convert those splines to meshes, dynamic hoses, tracked vehicle systems, basic rope and chain system, and path following.

MegaShapes Features
- Advance Bezier Splines
- Custom Spline exporters for Max, Maya and Blender
- Animated splines supporter
- Animate your splines inside Unity
- KML and SVG importers
- Advance Layer based Lofter
- 12 Different Loft Layer types
- Conform your lofts to terrains
- Or have terrains automatically fit your lofts
- Vertex color support for lofts for easy texture blending etc
- Realtime updates to lofts
- Change your spline at runtime and your lofts will change
- Full API for creating and editing splines at runtime.
- Multiple cross sections allowed per loft
- Full multi material support
- Scatter objects along splines
- Rule based loft layers
- Walk Loft system for easy movement over lofts
- Spline to mesh options, fill, tubes, ribbons, etc
- Dynamic Hoses
- Tracked Vehicles
- Full Object spline following options
- Attach Rigid bodies to splines
- Physics based ropes and chains
- Runtime draw splines and lofts examples

Asset version: 2.33
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    1. Hey!

      Can you please update this asset? It doesn't have support for Unity 2018.

      Thanks for sharing these assets, it's great even just for testing before buying!
      1. Hi!
        Maybe later - keep for updates.