Space Graphics Toolkit v3.6.2

Space Graphics Toolkit

Quickly make the space scene of your dreams using Space Graphics Toolkit. This huge collection of space effects can be customized and combined in any way you like, allowing you to quickly make realistic or fantasy worlds. Each feature has been heavily optimized to run on almost any device and platform.

Long Term Support ▪ This asset has received regular updates for over 6 years. Thank you to everyone that has supported the asset and helped improve it!

Full C# Source Code ▪ Nothing is hidden behind a DLL, tweak or extend the code as much as you like!

Atmosphere ▪ This feature allows you to add a volumetric haze around your planets. You have full control over the atmosphere color, sunset color, atmospheric scattering, fog, and can make any kind of world you like.

Aurora ▪ To make your planets look really exotic you can add an aurora layer on top. The SGT Aurora feature is fully procedural, including procedural animation, and looks great from every angle.

Custom Shadow System ▪ Unity's built-in shadow system works great for small nearby objects, but it's useless in space. That's why SGT comes with a custom shadow system that allows you to cast incredibly high detail & high performance shadows from planets, gas giants, and rings. It even comes with the SgtShadowLayer component if you need to add these shadows to your own normal objects in the scene.

Backdrop ▪ Did you know that skyboxes are terrible for space games? A 2048x2048 skybox can take as much as 72MB of texture memory, yet still look bad when zoomed in, not to mention being unacceptable for mobile games. The SGT Background feature solves this, allowing you to create cloud/star/galaxy backgrounds that take up less memory, are fully procedural, look great when zoomed in, and run on mobiles too!

Corona ▪ This feature allows you to turn boring spheres into impressively glowing balls of fire that actually look like stars. The corona is fully volumetric too, so you can seamlessly travel from space down to the surface.

Prominence ▪ If the corona feature wasn't enough, then you can also layer on top some solar prominences. This effect looks great from any angle, and makes your stars look even more impressive.

Star Surface ▪ The last two features make the outside of your star look great, but what about the surface? SGT comes with a star surface shader that is fully procedural, including procedural animation, making your star look alive.

Flare ▪ The last three features make your star look great up close, but what about from afar? The SGT Flare feature allows you to make beautiful star flare billboards, just look at the screenshots using them! These flares are fully customizable to your taste, and have advanced features like smoothly occluding behind foreground objects, and correctly rotating to camera orientation.

Cloudsphere ▪ If your planet has an atmosphere, then it probably has clouds too. The SGT Cloudsphere effect allows you to add a simple cloud layer on top.

Lightning ▪ If your planet has clouds, then it probably has lightning storms too. The SGT Lightning effect allows you to procedurally spawn animated lightning around your planets.

Jovian ▪ Let's not forget about gas giants! The SGT Jovian component allows you to quickly make impressive gas giants. The SGT Jovian effect is fully volumetric, so you can fly from space and through your gas giant seamlessly. You also get full control over the atmosphere density, atmospheric scattering, rim color, etc.

Ring ▪ The SGT Ring effect allows you to quickly add a planetary ring around your planets. You can easily control the ring inner & outer radius, enable light scattering, add an animated asteroid detail map for when you get close, and it even splits the ring up into multiple segments to correctly handle depth sorting!

Singularity ▪ Need black holes in your project? The SGT Singularity component makes this possible in just a few clicks. You also get full control over the radius, distortion power, and can even add an unrealistic but cool looking color tint around the edges.

Accretion ▪ Allows you to create animated accretion discs, with full control over the inner & outer radius, light twist strength, animation speed, etc.

Spacetime ▪ If you really want to show off what gravity looks like, then you need to use the SGT Spacetime effect. This allows you to visualize the gravitational distortion caused by planets/stars/etc, and even allows you to simulate gravitational waves.

Thruster ▪ Making a realistic game with newtonian physics? Then the SGT Thruster feature can help you out. This animated effect can easily be added to your spaceships to control their orientation.

Starfield Infinite ▪ Space is big, and to simulate movement you really need to have things whizzing by the player. The SGT Starfield Infinite effect allows you to make infiitely repeating clouds/stars/dust that flies by the camera as you move.

Starfield Elliptical ▪ If you're making a huge space scene, then you need some huge space objects, like galaxies. The SGT Starfield Elliptical feature allows you to create an elliptical galaxy with just a few clicks, with full control over the star count, distrubtion, star size, etc. This effect is so efficient that you can have tens of thousands of stars, even on mobile.

Starfield Spiral ▪ Similar to the Starfield Elliptical feature, this allows you to make a spiral galaxy with the same great performance. You can also layer these on top of each other to create galactic dust clouds.

Terrain ▪ Making planets using normal unity meshes just doesn't work, because each triangle gets too big when you scale a planet to a realistic size. To fix this, you need to use some kind of planetary LOD system. The SGT Terrain feature does this for you, automatically increasing the planet mesh detail as you approach. This feature also comes with components to procedurally alter the height, procedurally spawn objects, and much more.

Floating Origin System ▪ If you've ever tried making massive scenes in Unity, you know that everything starts to break very quickly. To fix this, you need to use a floating origin system to keep everything close to your camera. SGT comes with an advanced yet easy to use system that allows you to simulate a universe over 50 billion lightyears in each direction! It also comes with procedural spawning components so you can quickly fill all this space up.

NOTE: Using the floating origin system is optional. All features of this package can work independently of it.

NOTE: To save download size, many example scenes are in separate FREE packages. After buying SGT, you can download these packages from the main forum thread (linked above), or my website.

Asset version: 3.6.2
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