PopcornFX Particle Effects Plugin (Windows Mac Linux) v2.9p9

PopcornFX Particle Effects Plugin (Windows Mac Linux) v2.9p9

PopcornFX is a 3D realtime FX Solution for Games & Interactive applications.

PopcornFX is for studios, 3D FX artists and technical artists who are looking for a powerful and complete tool exclusively dedicated to the creation of realtime effects.

This plugin is to be used with the totally free PopcornFX editor which will change your way of creating particle effects: better FX faster !!

Visit our website for more details.
Check the plugin's online documentation.

The plug-in allows you to run the FX created with the PopcornFX dedicated editor in your Unity games.

The Free Discovery Pack
We also have a free discovery pack available to get you started.
This pack is a good way to discover PopcornFX for free. It includes :
• 20 configurable effects ready for use
• A free version of the plugin which plays effects from this pack

Be careful when importing different versions of the plugin.
Unity 5 may create duplicates and the importing process may break components.

Why should you use PopcornFX ?

• PopcornFX is better for creation
• It is a stand-alone middleware offering the widest range of features and monitoring tool for 3D FX creation.
• It allows you to decline the FX faster with expected changes in your fx design.

• PopcornFX is more efficient and better for performance
• Save draw calls thanks to our smart particles batching (particles with the same material)
• Optimized for each platform, PopcornFX makes the best use of the platform's resources to play the simulation (memory efficiency, multi-threading, SSE2/AVX on desktop, NEON on mobile)

Technical details & requirements

Ready to run on :
• Unity 5 & Unity 5 Pro
• Unity pro from Unity 4.6 to 5
This version supports all desktop platforms: Windows, MAC and Linux
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